About Us

Naborhi was founded in the Summer of 2019 during founder Temisan Neburagho’s 3 month trip to Nigeria. She had always had love for African Culture and fashion due to her Nigerian heritage, but whilst there her passion was ignited and turned into a reality and she decided to embark on a journey to bring African Print fashion to those in the Diaspora. Temisan went from being a lover of wearing African Printmaking unique creations for her own personal use to creating a range of African Print Clothing and Accessories in a few months. The brand name “Naborhi” originates from the Urhobo ethnic group in Nigeria, it means “Born with Good Destiny” The objective of Naborhi is to develop an African Inspired brand that enables people to showcase African Culture and Pride. We are fully committed to not only promoting African culture through fashion but also in providing opportunities for resident Africans to benefit through opportunities to trade or gain employment. If we are to promote African culture then surely Africans should benefit from that…
  • All of our products are made in Africa by professional and experienced Tailors.
  • Our accessories are handmade by craftspeople who are highly specialised in jewellery making.
  • Our photoshoots are all done in Nigeria Lagos, we use this as an opportunity to help promote up and coming model and others in the industry
  • All of our fabrics are sourced in Africa from African tradespeople in local markets
  • All African Print fabrics are 100% Authentic cotton wax print.
Look out for regular updates on the Naborhi journey – Intros to team members and our processes If you have any questions or just want to say hello you can email us at hello@naborhi.com Thank you in advance for your support NABORHI x