On trend and perfect for all occasions, Naborhi’s African Print Skater skirts come in a variety of lengths and Anakra Print Designs. Mini, Midi and Maxi styles for all tastes and styles are available from the Naborhi Collection. Team with a Naborhi matching top for a complete head to toe African Print look or or one of your own existing favourite wardrobe pieces…

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    • African Outfits for Couples103
    • Mens African Fashion123
      • Mens African Clothing123
        • Mens African Jackets & Blazers6
        • Mens African Shirts60
        • Mens African Suits62
        • Mens African Trousers5
    • Odure Collection122
    • Womens African Fashion885
      • African Accessories441
        • African Bags12
        • African Hair Accessories181
          • African Print Head Wraps69
          • African Print Headbands112
        • African Jewellery248
          • African Bracelets & Bangles51
          • African Earrings140
          • African Jewellery Sets32
          • African Necklaces26
      • Womens African Clothing444
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        • African Print Matching Sets135
        • African Print Shorts3
        • African Print Skirts90
        • African Print Tops125
        • African Print Trousers33